4 Best battery charging techniques

The way batteries are recharged determines the life and power supply. Some of the best ways to charge batteries are Constant voltage, Constant Current, Taper current and Pulsed charge.

  1. Constant voltage
    This method provides a high initial charge to the battery then it’s slowly decreasing until the voltage level is read again,then the battery charge will again be raised and slowly lowered again.
    The charging process will stop only after the full voltage of the battery is reached.
  2. Constant current
    This is one of the most effective ways of charging batteries. Lithium-ion, nickel-metal-hydride and nickel-cadmium
    batteries are the most common types that are best charged with a constant current. But, these batteries don’t require only this type of method.
  3. Taper current
    There are regulated and unregulated taper chargers. Regulated taper charges don’t permit the voltage to reach more than a trickle charge. This way you can charge the battery or maintain it, depending on the need.
  4. Pulsed charge
    With this method you can give a boost of power to lead acid batteries as well as car batteries. A DC charge is used to provide constant pulses of power to the cells of the battery until this is fully charged.

There are though a few more things concerning battery recharging, than just plugin it in. First of all you need to know if the batteries are compatible with the charger. Sometimes it’s recommended that you remove the batteries after they are fully charged.

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