How to avoid dryer vent fire hazards

Every dryer vent is a fire hazard for the users. The cause of this problem is the accumulation of lint in the vent. If it’s dry it can easily catch on fire.
This is not a think to joke about as 10 people die every year because of fires started on dryer vents.

There are several things you can do to prevent such accidents. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner and a screwdriver.

Dryer vent

Every time you use the dryer, you need to make sure that the vent is empty. Cloths will not dry properly if there are accumulations of lint in the dryer vents. Also you need to check the hose on the back of the machine. This can also get clogged. To clean it you will need a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a special attachment hose small enough to fit in those small spaces.

Outside dryer vent

You need to make sure that the outside dryer vent is also clean. An easy way to check if there is a fire hazard, turn on the dryer and take a look in the outside vent. If you see any sparks, then it’s best that you clean it.

The dryer

The inside of the dryer is surely encrusted with old lint. Use a screwdriver to remove the back panel and thoroughly vacuum it out. Lint is the main cause of fire hazards involving dryer vents. It’s very flammable.

Never leave the dryer on when you are not at home.

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