How to avoid dryer vent fumes

Dryer vent fumes can be very dangerous for your health. They contain carbon monoxide and as well as dust particles. If you wanna avoid these kind of accidents, then it’s better to clean up the ducts regularly.

See if the dryer is working properly

If you feel heat coming from the vent, then it’s a good sign it needs some cleaning. Also, if the cloths are drying very slow, you should check the system.

Clean out the lint trap

You should regularly check the lint trap and clean it. This is the easiest way you can prevent dryer vent fumes.

Inspect the ducts

Pull off the duct that is connected to the back of the drying machine. Debris and lint can accumulate over time. It needs to be cleaned.

Check the outside of the dryer vent

Unscrew the vent from the outside. Check to see if any animals have made nest in there. If you see any debris, just clean it up.

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