How to fix a noisy dishwasher

It can be quite frustrating to stay in the proximity of a noisy dishwasher. You should investigate right away if you see that it started making some strange noises. Some of the most common problems are water inlet valve, worn motor and/or blades, or a worn pump.
Getting rid of the noises means you’ll have to replace one of these parts. It is better to call a professional.

Easy to do fixes

Before doing any repairs on the machine, you should first discover from where is the noise coming. Here are some first steps.

  • test the inlet filter and see if it is damaged. replace it with a new one if it is.
  • check the mounts and motor – if the motor isn’t well fixed than it can produce a lot of noise while moving.
  • check the spray arm and see if it is damaged – this part can cause noise while it spins. If you see that it is bent or broken, you should replace it.
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