Kenmore refrigerator ice maker - Troubleshooting solutions

Kenmore refrigerator ice maker may experience a lot of problems during lifetime. It may produce off-colored ice, having an improper smell or not produce ice at all. Depending on the importance, the problem can be easily solved or you need help from a specialist.

In order to save time and money, we will teach you some troubleshooting tasks you can perform to diagnose problem.

  • Producing no ice

1. In order to check the temperature, place a thermometer inside your fridge- it has to exceed 17 degrees F to produce ice. If you realize that the temperature is too high and you cannot adjust it, ask for a specialist’s help.

2. Using a hair dryer, try to melt down the ice in the water fill spout. Doing so, your refrigerator will start producing new ice.

3. Check to see if the water is rightly connected – water should get to the inlet valve behind the refrigerator.

4. Check the coil continuity with the help of an ohm meter. Replace it if it has failed.

  • When the ice maker leaks

1. Turn down your fill volume adjustment; the correct fill is usually 130 to 150 cc.

2. If you find icicles on the pipes or on the one of the ice maker’s sides, just replace the water inlet valve by your own or call for a specialist.

3. Replace the ejector seal if it’s broken. Also, consult the user manual for a part number or call a specialist.

  • When the ice smells

1. Water filters should be removed periodically because all chemicals from water gather there, thus causing unpleasant smells. Besides this, the ice cubes will be smaller and water pressure may decrease.

2. You have to take off the new filter’s cap.

3. After you finish arranging the cartridge in the holder, twist to the right.

  • When the ice maker produces hollow ice

1. If your fill and shut-off valve work improperly, you have to take them off and put new ones. The accumulation of deposits such as calcium leads low water problems and your refrigerator will start producing hollow ice cubes.

2. Take off the self-piercing shut-off valve and put a drill-type shut-off valve.

3. Follow the same example to replace the shut-off valve

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