Ways to repair a washing machine that doesn’t drain or spin

You can find many causes leading to the breaking of a washing machine. Some of them are easy to fix, like a clog but for others you could need professional help. If your washing machine stopped draining or spinning, start by identifying the easiest problem first and advance to more complex causes.


  • A clog can block the hoses of your washing machine or the hoses can have kinks, this obstruction doesn’t allow water to drain and the washing machine stops spinning. If you do find kinks, try to realign the hoses. If you’re not successful, is better to put new hoses instead.  When checking for clogs, detach the hoses with a screwdriver and remove all remaining water using the rags and bucket. Take out the clog by running a water hose through the clogged one. After you solved the problem reassemble the hose and the washing machine should be like new.

  • More problems can be found at the lid. This means that it is not closing all the way or the lid switch is not clicking into place. You can look for these things by closing the lid and making sure that the lid switch is clicking. No clicking means that the switch is no good and you have to change it. You can do it very easy by following the manufacturer’s directions. A curved lid can’t close all the way. Attempt to turn it back into place.
  • The third thing you have to check is the belt. With a screwdriver and wrenches, take out the back panel and, by using a flashlight, look for a broken or loose belt. If you find one, you must change it with a new one. This can be a tricky procedure, but if you have experience in changing car belts or bicycle chains, you will be successful.
  • A more important problem can occur at the pump. So, after you remove the back panel, use a voltmeter to check if the pump is getting power. Don’t forget to disconnect the power when you touch any electrical components. Try to hear if the pump is working properly when you turn on the washer. If there is a problem, take the pump out and clean it or place a new one instead. When you have finished check if the washing machine started draining and spinning.
  • If, after you solved all this problems, the washer still doesn’t work properly, maybe is time to seek professional help.
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