About picket fence

Young girls have always dreamed about a white picket fence. They picture their dream house with a yellow siding and surrounded by a white picket fence. Even though such kind of dreams were common back in the 50’s, today picket fences are still popular.

With the help of the curb appeal that can be obtained from a picket fence and added to your home, it can enlarge its value a few times more than the initial cost. If you think right, this is quite a great return taking into consideration that is just a small improvement.


The choice is up to you. You can have a wood picket fence with a smaller price but a maintenance that requires painting and repairing all the time or a vinyl picket fence that needs only some cleaning from time to time.

Before buying a wood picket fence you have to see first if the savings you will make outweighs the necessary maintenance. On the other hand, the vinyl picket fence is the right choice for every homeowner who wants to have beauty and maintenance-free.

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