About premier ornamental fences

These classic premier ornamental fences are part of an entire system, that can be assembled into a traditional ornamental iron look. The classic premier uses galvanized steel as the primary material and is protected from corrosion by a polyester powder-coat. The strength of the system is provided by an unique “forerunner” rail system.

In the absence of welding, the red rust will not appear at all as it happens in the case of welded panels. Your ideas can become reality with the styles and options you have available for your landscape.

“Forerunner rail” is available for any Classic premier system. Its design is specially made for strength. To assemble it you don’t need welds or screws because it can be done with some picket attachments. You can even follow all the forms of your property and still have a nice ornamental fence.

For higher protection, the Classic Premier is covered with a polyester powder-coated color finish which saves you from additional maintenance. Such durable finish can assure you a 12-year warranty for the fence’s components.

If you have special demands for ornamental fencing you can try the following applications:

  • Residential Classic Premier
  • Commercial Classic Premier
  • Industrial Classic Premier
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