All about board fences

A board fence is easy to build, economic and visually attractive. Although it can take some time and effort to do it yourself, this will help you save some money that you’d otherwise use as labor costs.

Fence functions

A board fence can be the perfect one for fitting any need.

You can use it for privacy or as a quick way to delineate a backyard or to spruce up landscaping. If the boards are arranged in a creative way, the fence can become a decorative part of your yard.

Fence types

You have to take care at the split-rail fences because if you don’t line them with wire mesh, they will not resist too much. If you want, there is the possibility of building a board on board fence to use it for privacy reasons. A small picket fence is a perfect example for a board on board fence.

Fence features

A board fence has a structure made of boards and posts. You have to start with the posts and after they were buried in the ground, you can create the framework. You will get just a split-rail fence and if you want, you can continue by filling the empty spaces with upright boards.

Fence considerations

Because you want your fence to last, you would have to use a good type of wood like cedar. This is a good choice for you, because cedar resists very good to rot and also repels insects. In order for the fence to be sturdy, the posts should be sunk at least three feet into the ground, no matter what height the fence will have.

Fence benefits

In case you live in a neighborhood, a board fence is the right one for you because it can easily be erected and it’s more appealing than a wire fence. The fence can be built up piece by piece and you’ll have to spend only a few weekends for it. Your creative can become useful if you use additional horizontal support beams or you alternate the sides on which the boards are nailed to the crosspieces.

Fence warning

The construction of the fence can be a group task, so you can invite your neighbor to help you. You have to think about your neighbor’s grass and plants when you build the fence, even if it’s entirely on your side of the yard. Another thing for you to pay attention to, are the building codes that can oblige you to build a certain type of fence. Verify all these before starting to work to avoid any future troubles.

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