All about gate access controls

People enjoy having an electric garage door opener because it makes their life easier. When you intend to buy such equipment, you need to remember that a system which has to confront with different types of weather costs a lot more than one which is operated from inside. Although this  is a great inconvenient, the investment is always worth it.

Gate control

An access control system can be very easily created from a gate operator and a control device. The system works based on a hydraulic motor which is activated through a signal provided by a device.

  • The category of persons who buy ornamental fencing for enhancing the beauty of their garden, can actually buy an access control system for no other reason just the convenience.
  • The other category who buys ornamental fencing just for security, purchases the control system just to improve the security system.

A more convenient entrance

From the appealing of the ornamental fencing makes part the gate itself but this appeal is somehow lost when you need to get out of the car in order to open it. Having an access control system the job is much more simplified because you just have to press a button, as you get closer to the gate.

The outside part of the security system

Using a home security system can escape you from criminals when they intend to break-in or can alert the authorities when they already have. These are good solutions but in the end your goal is to prevent them from getting on your property. This is very important for your security and your family’s because if an intruder gets closer to your home that means he gets closer to you. It is a strong reason to try and stop them at the gate with every means you have.

Preparing the reception for your guests

You can have a lot of options for your access control system. One of them is that of controlling the system through a telephone entry system which is tied to the telephone line. With this option, your guests will press the button at the entry gate and your telephones will ring. After this happens, anyone in the house can answer the phone and open the gate just by pressing a simple number on the keypad.

Access is not strictly related to power

When you face a power failure you don’t have to panic because it can easily be solved with a battery backup system. There are two different kinds of batteries: some will just open the gate and leave it like this and others will give the possibility to the basic system to stay in operation.

Remote locking is accessible

There are operators that sell systems with locking included. You may need to make a request on how locking is accomplished. The most important fact is that you pay attention to the system and see if it meets the requirements you need.

A system can be operated in many ways

An access control system can have a lot of accessories. The whole range includes from push-buttons to telephone entry systems. Before you buy a system is better to look at every option it has so that you can be sure that it suits your needs.

Getting to the new standard

In 2000, the Underwriters Laboratories have made some regulations to govern the functionality of gate systems under different conditions. These were intended to prevent all kind of injuries caused by automatic gates. The regulations have been in use since March 2000 and every buyer needs to look for a gate operator system that has been tested by UL and has a sticker to demonstrate this.

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