All about plastic fences

A plastic fencing is much better than a wooden fence because it requires low-maintenance and it’s a cost-effective investment. You can find plastic fencing set mostly on residential and commercial properties.

Plastic fence types

You can find a lot of plastic fences available like garden, snow, deer, silt and vinyl.

A garden fence is used to support crops, while a snow fence prevents drifts. When you install a deer fence, you want to protect your garden from deer and other wildlife. A silt fence can help you prevent water erosion but the vinyl fence is still the most common choice for homeowners.

Plastic fence benefits

Because of its strength and flexibility, a plastic fence needs less maintenance than a wood fence. A plastic fence can be made from recycled materials so because of this it’s better for the environment than cutting down trees for wood fences. In most of the times, people use plastic posts and rail fencing for keeping livestock because of the advantages like resistance against rot, mold and termites.

Plastic fence function

A plastic fence can be used in many situations. The orange mesh is good as a protection against blowing snow, beach erosion and even as safety fencing. The design of the plastic fence is basically the same as the traditional split-rail fence or the picket fence.

Plastic fence identification

If you are not close to a plastic fence, you can’t distinguish it from a wood fence. When you see it from a close distance, you can say if it’s made of plastic because of the smooth and shiny exterior. Even though for some plastic fences the manufacturers use a wood-grain pattern, you can distinguish the plastic because it’s much shinier than wood.

Plastic fence considerations

A vinyl fence has a higher price than wood but you should consider the fact that it requires less maintenance. Another important issue is the strength of the material. Your new fence can support a great deal of outdoor exposure but in case of hollow vinyl posts and pickets, they can suffer cracks or other damages.

Plastic fence potential

A plastic fence has a great appearance so you can use it even outside the residential or construction areas. Because it can resist to any kind of weather, the plastic fence can be installed wherever you want. With an attractive design, this kind of fence can be a good alternative in any public place.

Plastic fence warning

A fence can create problems besides the fact that was built to protect. If it stands low to the ground, it can happen for someone to trip on it and get injured. In case of animals, for example horses can get injuries from a fence that is not properly installed.

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