Automatic gate opener

Automatic gate openers are used to move the gate, more exactly to open and close it. There is a board circuit which tells the gate to open, close or just reverse and this happens the moment it receives a signal coming from the access control. It’s important to follow all the instructions provided because this way a proper installation can be assured and nothing can interfere between you and the services provided by the automatic gate openers.

What devices can you choose?

In order to control the gate opener you need an access control. This can be a remote, a keypad, an exit sensor or an intercom. These access controls can act on separate principles but in the end they will provide the same operation of the gate.

Installing the opener

When starting to install an automatic gate opener, you first have to dig some holes in the ground and put the posts in them. Before this you have to mark all the areas where the holes will be and verify if underground there are no utilities to break.

  1. If there is no gate, make some holes for the gate posts and let the gate hanged.
  2. Make some other holes for the control box.
  3. The control board has to be mounted carefully in order to keep the functionality of the gate intact.
  4. The sensor device has to be buried in the soil at a depth of 1 feet and 50 feet away from the gate. All these have to be made on the property side.
  5. All the electrical wires from the keypad, the exit sensor and the power source have to be connected to the control box. The control arm has to have a direct connection with the control box.
  6. This step is to install the keypad post.
  7. Being the core piece of the entire system, the control box has all the wires connected. It will be mounted not very far from the gate hinge post and the power will be provided by a battery. This battery has to be charged all the time either by an electrical line or even by a solar panel.

Now you have your automatic gate operators installed and ready to work. All you have to do now is to observe the proposed safety measures.

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