Buying a solar electric fence

Electric fences can be used for several purposes, among which are keeping livestock in a contained space and also unwanted intruders out of your garden, for example. Because it’s solar powered a solar electric fence is more than convenient.


  1. First of all you will need to know where you are going to place the fence charger.
    This unit contains the solar panels that will power the fence. When choosing a place for the charger have in mind that it needs to receive the maximum sunlight possible throughout the day. It should be placed facing south.
  2. When buying a solar electric charger you also need to calculate the amount of power you will need. It depends on how long the fence or how far from the fence is the charger positioned.
  3. Also the charger depends on how powerful your fence needs to be. You electric fence can range from a light shock to a powerful jolt. The needed power depends on what you are trying to keep in or out. For livestock you will need a more powerful fence because of the thick hide of the animals.
  4. Look for chargers that can be mounted on different spots and that are mobile.
  5. Now, concerning the fence, you can find electric fence wire at almost any home improvement store. All you need to have is the measurements.


  • Be very careful when working with electric fences because they can be really dangerous. Hire a professional.
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