Classic Premier fences

Classic Premier™ is a type of ornamental fences made of steel elements with a traditional and elegant iron look. The powder-coat finish added to the galvanized steel makes Classic Premier™ ornamental fences extremely resistant to corrosion so maintenance becomes almost unnecessary. In addition, the original rail system which holds the pickets firmly provides extra strength.

In comparison to welded panels, Classic Premier™ systems are rust-free, because they have no welded connections. There is a variety of designs, colors and extra-options to choose from in order to  customize your fence and provide a distinctive look for your property.

A unique feature of the Classic Premier systems is the “forerunner rail” which makes the fences remarkably strong and enabling the use of 8′ wide sections. Thanks to an internal retaining rod, the attachment of the pickets needs no welding or screws but at the same time it allows you to follow the contours of the property.

All styles of Classic Premier fences are entirely coated with polyester powder which is available in four colors. The finishing gives the fences an attractive look while making maintenance unnecessary. In addition the systems have a 12-year warranty covering the coating and the components for  defects in material and workmanship.

There are three types of Classic Premier systems at your choice, designed to serve different purposes and meet your demands:

  1. Residential Classic Premier™
  2. Commercial Classic Premier™
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