Cleaning solutions for fences and decks

Cleaning your fence and deck with commercial cleaners, may become a problem for you when you realize it’s too expensive to do this on a regularly basis. Among the alternatives, there is the one in which you prepare your own cleaning solution. Making the solution is very simple and safe to use on the desired surfaces.


  1. Before starting to work with these solutions, use some rubber gloves, safety goggles, a nose mask and even a shirt with long sleeves.
  2. First, take a cup of trisodium phosphate and one of chlorine bleach and mix them together with a gallon of warm water.
  3. The mixture that has resulted has to be agitated with a handled brush.
  4. Every plant, shrub or grass has to be soaked with water using a power washer or water hose. This way, they will be safe from the cleaning solution.
  5. Before applying the solution, wet the fence or deck simply with water. If you do this, you will prevent dust and debris from sticking to the surface of the fence or deck.
  6. For the cleaning solution it’s better if you use a long-handled brush or even a deck brush, it doesn’t matter. Don’t try to cover the entire surface from the first time. Take one section at a time and soak it good with the solution.
  7. With the same brush used for the cleaning solution, you have to scrub the fence. Then the fence has to be rinsed with water from a power washer that is working between a low and medium setting.
  8. The same things you did at steps 6 and 7 have to be done for the next section of the fence. When you have finished the job, rinse the nearby plants and grass to clean them from any cleaner that may have on them.


  • When you prepare the cleaning solution, do this in an open area because if you choose to do it in an enclosed space you may have problems from the smell.
  • Working with trisodium phosphate is a serious thing. Use at all time a pair of wear eye protection, rubber gloves and a nose mask for protection.
  • Try to prevent the cleaning solution of getting on your skin.
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