Crossing a barbed wire fence

Crossing a barbed wire fence can cause a lot of trouble like torn clothing, nicked fingers or lost minutes and these happens all the time. To get rid of these problems, you just have to follow the next steps.


  1. If you find a chance of going under a barbed wire fence, take advantage of it.
    This is likely to happen somewhere around the middle of the fence, between two posts. You just have to pull the fencing up and then keep it that way with a stick. From this moment on, you just have to get on the other side of it and be on your way.
  2. If there is no chance to go under a barbed wire a fence, then you should use a heavy wool blanket or a mover’s blanket to put on the fence and jump over it. The blanket should be near a post and should cover at least a foot of the barbed wire. Use the post as a support to help yourself get over the fence, one step at a time.
  3. If you have the necessary tools with you, then it’s easier to cut the wire and get on the other side. If the barbed wire is too far to reach it, take the cutters with you and climb up there to cut it. Once you are near the wire, use one hand in order to leverage the cutters from a post or even the fence and just do the job.
  4. If you have the possibility, use a Fence Buddy to cross the barbed wire fence. These buddies attach themselves on either side of the wire on the fence’s post, and you will have no problem in getting on the other side without wasting too much time.
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