Decorating a chain link fence

A chain link fence can be either used to take care of your pets or to provide extra security and privacy to your house. Even if this chain link is a good option for your yard, the decorative part is not so great. All the necessary pieces for the fence can be found easily at a hardware store.


  1. In order to blend with the area around it, the fence has to be sprayed. You can use either a green or brown rust inhibitor spray paint and apply it on the fence and the support poles too. Do this on both sides of the fence to be sure you have covered all the areas.
  2. A design can easily be created with some plastic cups in the openings of the chain link. It doesn’t matter what type of cups you use, you just have to take various colors and use them in order to result a great pattern. All you have to do is take the cups and stick them into the fence with the smaller end first. This can look great for a school chain link more than for a home landscape.
  3. You can even attach some artwork to the fence made from aluminum or copper. A hole has to be drilled at the top of the piece to attach it with wire. You can make the shapes you want to use even from wood.
  4. Some plants like Morning Glories, Honeysuckle or Wisteria can be added to the fence to decorate it with natural beauty. These types of plants can grow fast and provide privacy all season long.
  5. From small balls of yarn you can make colorful hearts and attach them on the chain link fence. The yarn has to be wrapped around the fence to create “V” letters in it so that it looks like a heart.
  6. Some bamboo panels can be used for the fence. They can be purchased from a home design store and placed against the fence. Do this until the whole fence is covered and secure them with wire or plastic zip ties.


  • The fence has to be cleaned with a hose from any loose dirt or old paint. Everything should be off the fence before you start spray painting.
  • If your property is rented, then you should check the lease before doing anything to the fence. You may find that the landlord doesn’t want to alter his yard.
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