Designing a fence gate

If your fence would have a gate, things would be much better in the yard. Gates can also be found in many sizes and styles. Next, you will find information about how to create a fence gate using cattle fencing.


  1. First, you have to determine the right spot for the gate. If you are using 4-by-4 posts to support the fence, it would be better to place the gate between two of them. The distance between the posts is around 11 feet so it’s quite probably you’ll have to insert some additional posts for gate support.
  2. The post holes will need to be dug in such a way that the bottom of the post will be under the frost line. For the placement of the posts, you need to take into consideration the size of the fence. For example, if the gate is 10 feet wide, you need to place the posts so that you allow the 10 feet plus the extra 2 inches for the hardware. For the holes, you can use the post hole digger.
  3. After you have set the posts, fill the holes with some dirt to support the posts until you verify them with the level. When everything is in order, start to pack dry cement around each post and add water but don’t make it soupy.
  4. First, set the gate hardware and then put the gate in its place. Some starter holes will be needed in the posts for the heavy support screws that will have to keep the gate in place.


  • The posts should be under the frost line because this way the fence will not be heaving. A local power utility should mark the underground power lines before you begin to dig.
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