Designing a garden fence

When designing a garden fence, imagination plays a key role but practicality should be the last factor of decision. Garden fence design is specially made in order to protect and enhance the appearance of the chosen areas. Some measures of protection should be taken for the safety of the plants.


  1. Determine what the role of the fence will be: to protect, to adorn or even both. Make some measurements and decide what the height of the fence will be.
  2. Try to identify the place of the utility and sewer lines so that you won’t create problems when digging the fence post holes. If there is any need, consult the community guidelines to be sure that your design is in compliance. Check all property boundaries before starting.
  3. The area that is going to be fenced needs to be closely monitored for variations in wind and sunlight. Fences have the power to restrict wind flows but in the same time they can cast shadows on plants.
  4. Materials for the fence should be chosen according to the needs. Sometimes a fence can be build in order to shield plants from pets, pedestrians and pests. There are cases, when a fence is used to promote a theme like a bamboo in a Japanese garden or hammered steel in an eclectic one.
  5. Think before where certain plants might grow fuller in the designated area which needs to be fenced or where might ornamental garden fixtures be placed. Fences that need heavier materials to build like stones or heavy metal, should be carefully placed because it can be a tough work to alter or remove them.


  • Take a walk around the neighborhood to get some ideas for your new fence.
  • Think of a budget for your fence and weigh the costs needed for installing yourself or installed by someone else.
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