Different types of lattice fences

These lattice fences are used for different things like garden walls, spa enclosures or even patio screens. They are good because they can offer some privacy for your garden and if they were installed correctly from the start, can look very nice. Because you have to choose from many types of lattice fencing that can be found on the market, you’ll need the following information to see their benefits and which can be the right one for you.

Lattice fences for privacy

This type of fence is a much tighter pattern than a standard lattice pattern can be. Light will have no problem in getting in the area which is surrounded by the fence, but because of this tighter weave, the pattern will obscure everything around and you’ll have no chance to see outside. Two of the most popular uses for such a fencing are dog runs and backyard.

The open weave type

If you look closely, you can see that all lattice are an open weave but this term is simply referring to a larger pattern. Having such a fence installed, you won’t have the kind of privacy you want but it will look beautiful. They are mostly used in gardens, for climbing vines or plants and even for gazebos.

The lattice fence topper type

This type of fence is the best choice for those who like the look of lattice but in the same time they also need privacy. It is made from some long panels that can be attached very easily to the top of any privacy fence that you already have. Lattice fence toppers can be used even along decks or if you want as a type of material for garden and planter boxes.

The spindle lattice type

The spindle lattice fence is very popular among people because not only the look is basically lattice but it doesn’t have the criss-cross which everybody waits to see. Because of the spindles, it creates the feeling of a vertical only pattern that offers the unique touch of a fence but not too much privacy.

The unfinished wood lattice fences type

Because the lattice refers to the material it is used for the fence, it’s very possible to have a lattice fence in any kind of finish you want. A popular choice is the unfinished wood, because from this you can obtain any type of finish you want. The ones which sell very good are cedar, birch, redwood and they can be found stained, painted or even natural with treatment.

The vinyl lattice fences type and screens

Using vinyl lattice for fencing is a much better choice than wood because it’s durable and the color is not a problem. These panels can be seen most of the times in arbors. Another way to use lattice panels is for a special event because they can be moved very easily from one place to another. The bad part for the vinyl lattice fences is that they paint quite hard and it doesn’t worth to do it.

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