Drawing wooden fences

Fences can be drawn in many ways using many techniques. Learning how to draw a wooden fence can be quite easy and you can make it come alive all the way through the last detail of the grain.


  1. Start by drawing a raw sketch of the fence boards without paying attention at details.
    All you have to do right now is to line the fence boards up using even a ruler if you want. Later you’ll have to add details to the fence and make it look more realistic but for now all you need is a basic shape.
  2. Shading will help you give the wood a realistic texture and make the uniform look to get away. Some dark lines between the boards will make the fence get an appearance of space. The lines don’t have to be too straight because the boards should appear as if they are old and not in the same proportions. This way the boards will look as if they are rotted out at some edges and will make them more realistic.
  3. In case of grain details you have to draw some short, sharp lines with little squiggle up and down each board. Some boards should have some knots drawn with two circles, one inside the other. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, you can always use a photo.
  4. The color of the fence is entirely up to you. You can make it brown or leave it just in black and white. To maximize the grain details you’ve applied you would need to color the fence using an angled side-to side motion. If you want to add color, just use a brown pencil and in order to make a three-dimensional feel, go over the knots and the grain lines with brown.
  5. The drawing will be finished until you add some grass at the base of the fence and maybe some flowers. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers in order to smudge and blend the lines until you get the perfect look.
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