Garden fencing ideas

Growing a vegetable garden is hard when you have to stay all day watching for dogs that can ruin everything in just a few seconds. To make sure that they won’t do this anymore, it’s good to install a garden fence. You can buy a cheap garden fence because no one says it has to be expensive and another good idea would be to buy one which is removable.

The construction fencing – Although it’s not so pretty as other materials, it’s cheap and the installation  can be done very quickly. If the neon orange fence doesn’t fit your style, you can choose other varieties like green or black. You will also need some posts which can be found at a reasonable price. If you can’t afford all of them, you can buy only four, one for each corner, and the rest of the fence can be supported with tomato spikes.

The wooden fencing – With a wood fence you can make your yard a little bit more rustic and the material can be found for sure in the woods near your house. Another option can be a local building site which can give you secondhand wood. What is not so great about this type of fence is that it doesn’t keep out all the animals out and for this reason some chicken wire would be a good idea.

The picket fencing – Installing a picket fence can be a great choice because it looks nice and can give your yard a traditional look. The downside is that it’s quite expensive and it can be found in places like salvage yard or demolition sites. Also it needs to be often painted in order to keep its charm look.

The stone fencing – You can think of stone being a wall much more than a fence but sometimes it’s good to have it. If you’re lucky, you can find a place to buy flat stone at a convenient price and once you’ve accomplished that, you just have to be sure that the fence is well-made. Before starting to build the fence, you should think twice if that is the place where you want your garden to be because otherwise you will have to move all the stones, which won’t be easy.

The bamboo fencing – More and more people use bamboo as a material for their fences because it has strength, beauty and it’s renewable. If you are not careful, bamboo can cover an entire property. For this problem to be solved, you have to cut it as often as it needs and this way you’ll have a sturdy fence to rely on.

The brick fencing – This fence is installed strictly based on the size of your garden, because sometimes a short brick wall can be everything you need. For brick fencing you have the same problem as for the stone fencing but if you are sure on the location of your garden, a cinder block fence can last for a long time.

You may think now that all you have to do is to rush to the store and start picking your fence building supplies. Before you do that it may be better for you to study a little bit some online personal ads and the local newspaper because you may find someone who is willing to give the needed material for free, if you just go and pick it up.

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