Hanging flower pots for fences

Hanging flower pots can be successfully used to improve the image of your fence and garden. For changing the curb appeal, the pots should face the sidewalk or street. Anyone can make these changes and all you need is the right tools.


  1. The height to which you want the pots to hang is very important. If you want all of them to hang at the same height, it’s necessary to use a measuring tape to determine the distance from the fence top. It’s important to think ahead about tasks like watering and fertilizing before deciding the height.
  2. Learn what you have to do before starting to work at the fence so that you may prevent any damages. If the material for the fence is wood, twist the screws into the wood with a screwdriver. If it is a masonry fence, then you’ll need a drill for the pilot holes. In case of trellises, chain link or wrought iron fences, you have to install ties or wire works.
  3. Choose whatever flower pot you think is the best for your home. For example, you can match a clay and terracotta flower pots with wrought iron hangers or a plastic pot with plants that can cover the material of the pot. It’s important to match the pot you want to use with a good support for it.
  4. An alternative can be an invisible hook. These types of hooks come with their own screws that can work with any surface. The rim and the bottom of the pot will be put underneath the top clip and on top of the base clip. Don’t exaggerate with the size of the pot because the hooks are designed for a specific size.
  5. Flower pots can be made from wood to baskets and can have wire or metal support systems. For a correct position of the pots, you should attach wall brackets with hooks from the fence and hang the flower pots afterwards.
  6. Is better to use pot hangers with brackets. Using the screws included in the pot set, you will use one for the top of the fence in order to counter balance the weight of the flower pot.
  7. Adjust the flower pot as you need in order not to get a crocked pot. If you want to balance the pots, you should hang them on wire. What is important is that the wire should be at the lowest part of the fence section.
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