Hooking up an electric fence

An electric fence can be used in many ways and building it is very easy. All you have to do is follow the next steps and the result will be as planned.


  1. It’s good to put the fence charger near an electrical outlet and respect all the manufacturer’s indications.
    See if you are allowed to locate the fence charger outdoor because not all of them can and it may get damaged.
  2. A ground rod needs to be installed below the fence charge location and this can be done with a 3 lb hammer. If the charger is found indoors, the ground rod can be put even on the outside wall. Only six inches of the ground rod should be above the ground and the rest under.
  3. The ground rod wire can be attached with a slotted screwdriver and the connector should be tighten in such manner that the electrical connection is solid.
  4. After you attach the end of a copper wire to the ground rod, you have to tighten the wire screw properly in order for the electric fence to work without problems.
  5. The copper wire needs to get to the ground lug location and then you can cut the rest of it. To finish the job, you just have to bind the wire to the ground lug.
  6. The electric fence wire should bind the fence charger and the electric fence. Verify if wire insulators are needed so that the electric fence wire doesn’t touch directly the ground, fence or buildings. This will lead to the malfunction of the fence.
  7. When you know you have finished all steps, try the system by plugging the charger in the power source. Make some tests in different locations of the fence to see if maximum electrical strength is the same on the circuit.


  • Children should be advised not to touch the electric fence when it is under operation. Before installing the fence, check the local regulations to see if you are allowed to do this.
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