Horse fences

Horse fences can be helpful in keeping one or more horses inside a special place, designed for them, in order to prevent any damages to your property or others. Keeping them safe on your property is the main reason to use horse fences, but they shouldn’t risk the life of the horses in case they try to push the boundaries.

You can choose a horse fence from many choices available.

Before your final choice, you need to take some factors into consideration like your budget, the terrain on which it will be installed and most of all the size of horses you have.

The material used most often for this type of fences is wood. It is a material with some good qualities like hard wearing, easily to cut to size and simply to erect.

Because you don’t need nails or bolts, you won’t have any type of problem in erecting the interlocking wooden post and rail fences. This way, horses will be extremely safe because there will be nothing in which they can get snagged on. You can be sure that this fence will be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

If wood is not your first choice, you can also use vinyl boards. They can cost more than a wood fence at first but in time they will not be eaten by insects or rot in any way.

Another possibility is the wire fence but if you choose this type, you need to use a wire mesh so that the horse will not get his foot stuck. Strand wire is absolutely forbidden in this case because the horses can injure themselves quite easily. The same thing is with the barbed wire, causing serious bodily injury. If you want to be safe of any vet bill, these types of fences should not be used at all.

Something that can be bought for less and be very effective is the electrified tape, found in various thicknesses. If you choose a 40 mm tape you’ll pay more money on it and its use will be semi-permanent. If you choose a 12 mm tape, then the amount of money paid will be smaller and the use will be temporary. The electrified tape will need a source power which can be a battery, mains or solar. The electrified gates can be constructed easily with special fittings. This type of fences can be either semi-permanent when attached to fixed posts or temporary when movable plastic tread-ins are used. They can be useful when you travel with horses or when a camping is needed over night.

In the end, the fence needs to have a corresponding height in order to contain the biggest horse or the smallest pony. Also, pay great attention to the space between the bars which has to be small enough to prevent any horse in getting his head stuck or the injury of any animal.

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