How to build and paint a picket fence

Many people think about picket fences to be very classy. What is not so good about them is the high maintenance required and the fact that you have to pay a lot more to someone to install it. If these problems are not so important for you and you really want a picket fence in your garden, then the following information will be of great help for you.

Necessary materials

It’s quite probably to purchase pickets at standard size and modify them as you please, because pre-cut pickets are very hard to find. If you have a good plan you may save every piece of wasted material, knowing from the start how many pieces you’ll need. What you have to establish is the length and the height of the fence. You will also need the width of the pickets. This way the quantity of lumber you will use will be very easily calculated.

The fence pickets

Using a circular saw is the best way to rush things a little bit, especially if the pickets will be ripped from a piece of lumber which is wider than the final product. With a planer saw blade you can do much better and save your pickets from going through the jointer.

The fence line

First of all you have to start building the fence by installing the corner posts. After you have done this, you will use a twine that will go from one post to another in order to keep the fence straight. If you don’t like this method you can also use a can of spray to draw a line on the ground to guide you through the installation.
The installation of the fence posts

Before you install the fence posts, you have to measure the distance between them and mark each place where the posts will be put in the ground. Using a post hole digger, you have to dig for each post about 30% of its length. Some gravel won’t hurt and will help you for better drainage in case the fence is somewhere near a sprinkler area. When you have to fill the hole, be careful to pack the fill dirt and also the post plumb is necessary.

Rails and pickets

The rails that you install need to be leveled and the nails that you use for attaching the pickets have to be galvanized or otherwise will rust. The space between the pickets has to be equal on the rails.

The painting

It would be better not to let the paint get on the floor and this is why you should use something to put under the fence. A brush would be much better than a spray gun because with it you can have a better control and the paint will not be consumed so fast. Before the actual paint, you have to apply a layer of primer and then you can apply the color you want.

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