Installing a bamboo reed fence

Bamboo reed fences can be applied on an existing fence and this can be an economical way to hide the old one. For this kind of fence you need a sturdy structure in order to resist to any kind of weather. The following steps will guide you through the installation of the new fence.


  1. Start the job by measuring the existing fence to know exactly how many rolls of bamboo reed fence you need.
  2. Try to find out how strong is your fence and locate the support beams. Depending what height the old and new fence will have, you will need to install horizontal support beams for attaching the bamboo fence.  If the support beams are missing, you can use either horizontal wood or bamboo beams. If you don’t use support beams for the bamboo fencing, it will not be sturdy enough.
  3. The bamboo fence will be attached to the old structure with galvanized wire. The number of the wire pieces will depend very much on the size of the structure. Longer pieces are better for attaching the bamboo fence to the fence posts and smaller pieces are the best choice for attaching it to the fence structure.
  4. Attach the bamboo fence using galvanized wire, making sure to wrap it tightly to the fence posts. Use pliers to tight the galvanized wire until the fence is totally secured. You should use at least three pieces of wire for each post and verify if the fencing is straight.
  5. After the bamboo reed fence is properly rolled, you have to go back and make sure you attach it every 4 to 6 inches in the most important parts like top, bottom and middle. Make the same thing for the pliers that you used before to secure the fence posts. Don’t force the galvanized wire too much unless you want to damage the bamboo fence.
  6. The bamboo fence has to be rolled until you complete the entire structure. Check the bamboo fence if it’s secure and straight. When one roll is finished, take another one and continue down the fence. Is not necessary to attach each roll of bamboo fence to a previous one.


  • The bamboo reed fence should be attached with heavy, durable wire. Galvanized wire is the best choice in this case.
  • The wire has to be twisted on the hidden side of the fence, because this will leave a clean finish.
  • If the surface on which you want to apply the bamboo fencing is flat, you can use a staple gun.
  • Use precaution when you are threading the galvanized wire because the sharp ends can hurt you.
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