Installing panel fences

A panel fence can be installed very easy and can help you get all the privacy you need. In order to finish this project quickly, you’ll need two people.


  1. First of all dig the holes for the posts but don’t install them yet.
  2. Start with the first post by putting it into the hole and filling it with gravel.
  3. The person who will help you has to keep the panels up and you fasten them from the posts, using angle brackets.
  4. Use a strut just to keep the post upright.
  5. You will continue putting posts and panels until you finish the entire fence.
  6. Use capping strips to fasten them from the panels’ tops.
  7. Each post has to be cut off by 2 inches and then the post caps need to be nailed.
  8. Mix the concrete and fill all the holes.
  9. Get rid of the struts.


  • The fence has to have a gap at the bottom so that it will be safe from rotting.
  • If you need your neighbor’s permission to work on the fence, just go and ask him.
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