Installing wood fences

With a wood fence installed in your yard, you enhance not only the beauty of the landscape but also the property’s value. The fence installation can be done very easily following some few basic steps.


  1. Start the building of the fence by installing two flags, one at the beginning and one at the end of the fence.
    After that, stretch a line between them and use some tape measure in order to lay out the position of each post. The line posts will be at 8 feet apart one from another.
  2. Take a shovel and start digging a hole for each of the posts. Try to make the holes four to six inches wider than the diameter of the posts. First use the rock bar to loosen the dirt and when you feel the need, remove it with the post hole digger. Dig the hole until you make it of about 24 to 36 inches deep. When you make the necessary holes, take into consideration the manufacturer’s specifications because they are very important.
  3. After you have mixed the concrete, fill the holes with it after you have set the posts in the right position. When the concrete starts to dry, double-check the post to be sure it’s leveled. Then let the concrete to fully cure at least 24 hours.
  4. Use the string line between the newly installed posts by adjusting it until the bubble reaches the center point of the string level. Mark the posts with a pencil to know where the level line is. After you remove the string line, nail the fence frame near the center line measurements provided by the fencing manufacturer. The best nails for this task are the 16 p galvanized ones. Normally the nails should be at a distance of 24 inches but in the case of these fence frames, the nailing should be done exactly like you do it for the fence picket boards.
  5. Every end of the fence section should be covered with a fence picket board. Use again the string line to stretch it from each picket board on top of them, to know where the top-level line of the fence boards is. The boards will have to be nailed after the top of the pickets were raised to the string line. In the end, use a hand level for each board so that you create a straight line of sight for the top of the fence.


  • The fence posts should be carefully selected so that they are rot resistant.
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