Make a bamboo fence by yourself!

A bamboo fence is great for those who want an exotic and oriental alure for their houses or gardens. Beside its pleasant appearance, a bamboo fence is durable and can resist to bad weather. Follow the steps below and find out how to make one by yourself.

First, let’s see what you’ll need:

  • bamboo sections (3-4 inch diameter)
  • post-hole digger
  • keyhole saw
  • hammer
  • drill
  • drill bits
  • 5 sections of rebar (24 inch)
  • wood rasp
  • tape measure
  • marker
  1. Start by digging the holes- they must be 1 foot deep and minimum 4 feet apart. For this operation use a post-hole digger or a spade.
  2. Put the bamboo posts into the holes and with a string, make sure the tops are at the same level. Remember to tamp down the post holes after filling.
  3. You must now mark the inside of the posts at 6, 12 and 24 inch intervals from the top. Make sure that the bamboo won’t split by drilling pilot holes through the posts at each marking sign.
  4. Bore out the holes with the drill and increase power slowly when the bit is inside the hole. Drill completely through the post and repeat for each one of them.
  5. Secure the posts by hammering 24 inch long rebar into the ground. Push down with each post over rebar until you see that the rebar is through the diaphragm of the bamboo sticks.
  6. Make cross boards by cutting the most straight canes and make sure they match the dimensions of the fence’s panels. Allow an extra inch for the bamboo to be inserted half an inch into the post. Drill a half inch hole in each post.
  7. Now it’s time you insert the crosspieces by rotating them until they’re straight. Penetrate the post with the nail but avoid striking the bamboo because it may crack. You can enlarge the hole a little if you find it difficult to insert the crossbars.
  8. The last step consists of tying the canes. You can use a string to level them. Also, trim the cane which is facing upward to the nearest joint end.


  • For maximum protection, it’s recommended to use a pair of gloves.
  • Do not nail directly into the bamboo.
  • You can add natural preservatives or petroleum preservatives.
  • Keep in mind that bamboo canes have different colors and positions.
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