Making a portable garden fence

A portable fence can be used for protection or privacy. It has the advantage of being simple to construct, erect and requires a small space for storage. It can’t stop rabbits from entering into the garden but it’s effective against trampling from pets and deterring deer.

Another great thing about a portable fences is that you can move it wherever you need it.


  1. In the first place, you have to determine the length of the fence. If the final length is between measures, take the final decision for the maximum one.
  2. The fence supports will need some bamboo poles or rebar. It’s better to use the higher posts for deer and the shorter ones for redirect foot and pet traffic. You may need a support for about 4 feet of fencing.
  3. You can buy plastic snow and plastic mesh fencing from improvement stores. Usually, a black snow fence is used for privacy and a plastic mesh in case you need a subtle fence or a deer fence.
  4. The distance between the poles should be 4 feet. The fencing mesh has to be tied from the post using plastic zip ties after every 6 inches. If the zip ties remain in excess, cut them off.
  5. Take the mesh to the next post. Do the same thing you did at the first post for the rest of the fence.
  6. The excess mesh has to be cut after the last pole. After you pull up the poles from all over the ground, roll up the fence for putting it to storage.  When it’s time to use it, set the poles in the ground and unroll the fence.


  • If you intend to discourage deer, use white cloth in the center of the fence. This way they will see the fence in the dark and will turn around.
  • You can’t use portable fencing against rabbits because they can easily go underneath it. In this situation you can use a permanent fence that has a part buried 6 inches under the ground.
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