Making bamboo fences

Bamboo is starting to be used more often these days because it is a fast-growing and easily replenished material. It’s nice because it offers an Asian-themed look and it can be perfectly used for an outdoor koi pond or a Japanese garden. The installation of a bamboo fence can be completed in just a single day, with a low cost that can be appealing for those who are interested in the environment and their personal budget.


  1. First, you have to dig holes for all your support posts that are at least one foot deep. The holes can be bigger in case you know that the posts will be jostled or will suffer damages because of soil erosion. The distance between the holes should be of about 4 feet.
  2. The best posts to use will be the 4-foot ones and one third will need to be underground. If you want the fence to last it’s better to use more than one piece of bamboo material for the support posts. Cut some four or five pieces of 1 ½ inch diameter bamboo to tie them together.
  3. After you install the posts into the ground, fill the holes with dirt and tamp it down.
  4. Use 1 ½ inch diameter bamboo pieces with a length of 4 ½ inch to nail them across the posts. A horizontal piece will need to be nailed in the larger post. Another two horizontal pieces are needed for the sections of the fence, placed one foot from the top and one foot from the bottom, with a one foot gap between them.
  5. Use some twine to tie the nailed pieces to the main support. Use as much twine as you need to be sure that the pieces are tightly wound together.
  6. Some ¾ inch diameter pieces of bamboo will need to be nailed across the bamboo beams. For a more rustic look, it’s better to use vertical bamboo of varying lengths. If you prefer a cleaner cut look, you can use pieces that have the same length. If you choose a Yotsume-style decorative fence, you must leave large gaps between the bamboo pieces. After you nail the horizontal pieces, tie them together. This will help you for extra support and authentic look.


  • You have to pay great attention when you hammer bamboo because it can easily crush.
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