Making twig and stick fences

When you need to keep your animals in a certain place, you surely need a good fence. You can make yourself a cheap and charming fence out of stick frame and smaller twigs. If by any chance, you live near a wood, the sticks can be harvested from there.


  1. The stakes need to be buried underground in each corner of your new fence. They should have at least three feet above the ground.
  2. The sticks need to be cut off at the needed size for the frame. A piece of framing will need to bridge the gaps between stakes. There will be needed some sticks to be put between the stakes for the frame and also some sticks for the framing itself. Prepare a three-foot-tall stick just in case you will need it as a support for the frame.
  3. You should nail the frames together using the three-foot-tall sticks and the cross sticks on top of them to form a rectangle. The third stick will need to be placed along the centers of the vertical sticks and nailed through the cross sticks and the vertical ones.
  4. You will have to use some twine to tie the frame pieces. The stakes will need to be attached from all three cross sticks.
  5. A twig will need to be weaved through the frame by slipping it past the outside, the inside and the outside of the three sticks in order. In the end, just drive it into the dirt.
  6. The same thing will need to be done at a distance of one foot around the outside part of the fence.
  7. The steps 5 and 6 will need to be repeated. You’ll have to make the twigs to be centered between two twigs from the 5th and 6th steps.
  8. The sturdiness of the fence is very important for this is the reason you built the fence. If it was built for animals, then the twigs must be carefully tied to the frame or just simply replaced.
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