Metal fence panels

Metal fence panels are no different from other painted metal and consequently they require the same type of maintenance. The rest of this article presents some maintenance steps that will help you get rid of the rust forever.

The necessary tools and materials

  • Metal priming paint
  • Metal rust proofing paint
  • Sandpaper-One hundred grit
  • Wire brush
  • Wire wheel
  • Corded/cordless drill
  • Rust converter product
  • Metal repair product

Regular inspection

This inspection is very important especially if the area where you live in has low humidity, in which case you should do this action once every three months.

On the other hand, you may live in areas where the temperature has extreme values and it rains a lot or it’s always snowy, then you should do the inspection once every month.

Regular cleaning

Your fence is basically like your car: if you need the finish to last then it needs to be cleaned. It doesn’t have to be too much, just a little bit of rinse off and wipe down. In case of bird droppings, some soap and water are necessary and it would be indicated to use paint safe type of soap. In the snowy areas, there is a lot of salt used so it would be a good idea to rinse the fence panels at least once a week to give away the salt spray and deter corrosion.

Paint damage

Paint damages like peeling, cracking or bubbling need to be fixed right away in order to stop their spreading. Using the wire brush you need to take off any flaking paint that you find on the metal. Do the same for any rust you find and then use the primer to apply two coats on the fence. After it’s dried, use the rust proofing paint to apply two coats.


It doesn’t care how much attention you give to this fence, eventually there will be a patch of rust that requires your immediate care. The first thing you need to do is to wire brush and sand the area which has rust on it, until you get to the bare metal. After you have done with the wire brush, apply the Rust Mort and when it’s dried you need to prime and finally paint.

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