Options for double wired fences

In case you want a wire fence to surround your lawn or garden, you have two options.

Decorative fences

This type of wire garden is most of the times used to define the border of your garden or
any landscape feature that can be found in your backyard. When you choose the wire panels for your fence, it’s better to take a wire with a plastic coating.

This will offer a higher protection against corrosion or damages. The wires are very easy to install because most often they are free standing and you just have to push them in the ground.

Functional fences

This type of fence is used mostly for protection against animals. The panels are higher than those from a decorative wire fence because they have to keep animals away from your garden. Although they are functional, these fences can be made very attractive considering that they come in many varieties of finishes. This fence can come either in a bare wire type or a green plastic coated wire type. The panels from a functional wire fence are found in roll form and they are strung along big metal poles which eventually will be put in the ground.

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