Ornamental aluminum fence

Aluminum fences are the best alternative for wood in areas where it can break down very fast. Aluminum is used on churches and different buildings and the installation can be done anywhere. In the past wrought iron was heavily used but now aluminum has become very popular.

It even gives you the possibility to install what sections you need with fasteners or different locking mechanisms. The following steps will show you how to install a nice looking fence without any kind of trouble.

The necessary tools and materials

·         String
·         Posthole digger
·         Level
·         Concrete mix
·         Measuring tape
·         Screwdriver


The fence you are going to buy will come with a number of posts which will need to
be sorted by their proper groups. Also different piles will be in the package for all types of posts like end posts, line posts, corner posts and gate posts. The best method of separating these piles would be to put them on the ground in the exact place where they will be buried.


First of all you’ll need to start making holes for all the posts you have and it’s always
best to start with a corner post. With the help of a post hole digger your job would be much easier. When you dig you have to pay great attention to the hole to correspond to the type of fence you have. Using the instructions given, you need to verify the depth of the hole and with a level make sure that all posts correspond horizontally and vertically. When all these things are done, the cement will need to be prepared and poured into the holes.

Post holes

In order to dig the post holes in a straight line, you have to use a string and tie it from
two corner posts so that you can use it as a guideline. In what concerns the distance between the posts, this will be determined by the fencing section.

The rails

Aluminum fencing will be at some moment attached by the posts with some fasteners
or locking mechanisms, depending on how you prefer. Because of this reason it would be a good idea to install the actual fencing when you work for the installation of the line spots. When you will be convinced that everything is straight, then you can take off the rail piece. The line posts will need to be fixed with cement but don’t do that until the fence is perfectly assembled because you may need to change something. After you have leveled the posts it’s time to pour in the cement and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

The attachment of the rails

When the job with the posts is done, it’s time to put the railing. Depending on its type
and the fence type, you’ll probably have to screw it, attach some fasteners or do some welding. If you weld them you can be sure there will be no problems because it’s a sturdy connection. If time is not on your side, there is always the possibility of using fasteners and the screws which can do quite a good job.

Adding a gate

When the time for the gate has come, it’s always best to leave some space between
the posts and the gate. After that you’ll need to choose the side where the hinges will go and screw them from the gate posts. After the hinges have been attached from the gatepost you can easily put the gate on its place. Don’t let the gate loose until you are sure that the weight is distributed evenly.

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