Ornamental fences made from colonial aluminum

Fences and gates made from aluminum are very good to offer a classic look to the fence along with durability. There are a lot of options, designs and styles available for any of your objectives for ornamental fences.

Colonial aluminum was and still is one of the strongest types of aluminum available on the market for fence systems.

The price that you have to pay for the installation of a colonial aluminum fence has been reduced by using pickets with high dimensions, rails and posts that can achieve a post spacing of 8’. Built from stainless steel fasteners or aluminum pop blind rivets, the aluminum panels are just like ornamental iron with the exception that they don’t need high maintenance. Another advantage is that you are safe from red rust because the fence is made from aluminum. For higher durability and beauty, the aluminum components have been covered with a powder coat. When you buy an aluminum ornamental fence, you receive a limited lifetime warranty to assure you of your good purchase.

With the help of a bracket, each panel is attached to posts. For higher strength, security and professional look, the bracket was bolted through the post. Depending on your preferences, the fence can be customized with different things like ornate finials, scrolls, rings, picket tops and post caps. Each gate is specially made to meet every style and the components are welded with a strong stainless steel rod because this can offer a rigid, maintenance-free gate. For all the operations with the gate, you will need a special gate hardware. If there is a special need, the styles can be adapted to fit any pool code in the area in order to have a safe perimeter fence all around your pool.

Gate description

Colonial aluminum fences can be very easily used for higher strength than other aluminum fences can offer. With the help of  a powder-coat, the picket fencing becomes almost maintenance-free while adding more durability. You can choose any style, option or color you want, thinking that you won’t find these possibilities any other place.

Applications for colonial aluminum

With a special design, colonial aluminum is perfect for residential homeowner. The aluminum structure combined with the attractive finish form a fence which has the necessary qualities to face any corrosive environments.

Features and benefits of colonial aluminum

  • Aluminum components can fight against red rust.
  • The powder-coat finish is able to offer protection to the product during the enhancing of the appearance.
  • Every single component is pre-punched or drilled before the powder-coating.
  • Stainless steel or aluminum pop blind rivets are used to assemble all the components.
  • Bolting a bracket in each posts keeps the panels stable and secure.
  • Different styles, options or picket tops offer a flexible design and customization.
  • Through welding, the gate components form a rigid aluminum frame that is maintenance and rust-free for many years.
  • Using 8’ wide panels helps to reduce the installation, the time and the labor.
  • Because the fence has larger posts, rails and pickets it gets sturdier and with a more substantial appearance.
  • The interior brace of the posts allow for a 8’ wide section and higher fence stability.
  • With the limited lifetime warranty you can be sure that you have chosen the best product available on the market.
  • Making the selection of the gate hardware.
  • Choosing the pool fencing which meets most of the local building codes.

Warranty for colonial aluminum

The limited lifetime warranty has the role to provide security to the buyer that the product is free from defects no matter if they come from the materials or the workmanship.


  • 4’, 54”,5’,6’.
  • Colors: Black & White
  • Picket Tops: Imperial Flat Top
  • Pressed Point
  • Spear Ball Fleur-De-Lis

Adornment options: Rings, Scrolls, Caps



  • with 1 row of Rings
  • with 2 rows of Rings


  • with 1 row of Rings
  • with 2 rows of Rings

Estate PP:

  • with 1 row of Rings
  • With 2 rows of Rings

Staggered Imperial:

  • Staggered Estate
  • Pool Panel
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