Ornamental fencing

Ornamental fencing is used mostly because it offers beauty to the yard and to the home. The traditional fences were made from wrought iron but these days modern fencing is made from wood, aluminum and steel. When people use fences they don’t think strictly at security but also at the overall view of the yard.

Even if protection is important to most of the people, not too many like to have a wall that surrounds their entire residence. This is why homeowners prefer the fence instead of a high protective wall.

About traditional fences

The traditional fencing is made from wrought iron because it has a beautiful design. If you want to have durability then this is the best choice but you have to know that the price is quite high. Although you have to pay a lot of money on wrought iron, you’ll see in the future that the investment has worth it. This will increase eventually the value of the home.

The natural wood fences

Even if they can’t last so much as wrought iron, wooden fences are more beautiful than those. Wood can give the feeling of a more environmental yard because it integrates better than anything in the natural surroundings. Because of its qualities, wood has been used for a long time now. It can be carved in many forms and designs, making it the perfect choice for any kind of landscape. Besides all these good parts, wood is not so durable, it decays too fast and it is destroyed rapidly by fire and water. For those who put ornamental quality in front of durability, the investment is worthwhile.

The aluminum fences

Those who don’t like wrought iron or want something a little bit more expensive, aluminum fences are the answer. Using aluminum can bring some benefits which wrought iron doesn’t have. It is a softer metal and the improvements over the years in aluminum alloys made the fences to last much longer than before. Also it can resist to corrosion and the pest-proof has no effect on it. Although it’s not so beautiful like wrought iron or wood, the aluminum fences is the best choice in terms of costs. The aluminum can take whatever shape you desire, can be painted in more than one color and the assembly can be done in various designs.

Accessories for ornamental fences and gates

Gates along with the fence finials can bring more quality to fences. Even if the material used for fence is the same one for gates, the copper can be a good alternative too. Fence tops are put on the top of the fence posts to look a little bit nicer. Finials can take different geometric patterns or they can use angular or pointed patterns which in the end form a spear-like appearance.

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