Ornamental iron fence

Having an ornamental fence installed can bring a little bit of elegance to the structure of your house. When people ask for wrought iron or ornamental iron fence, they will be advised to use aluminum fencing instead. The first choice will always be better because of the strength, the nice look and the higher level of security.

The situation may be in your disadvantage and so you’ll have to install the fence on your own.

The materials needed

  • Iron posts
  • Iron brackets
  • Iron panels
  • Concrete or cinder blocks
  • Drill bits
  • Jack hammers
  • Plastic crate sheet
  • Construction tools and safety gear

Choosing the fence

There can be found a high number of different styles on the market. Fences made from
iron look very good when they are used in large properties and neighborhoods. Matching a wrought iron fence with a house which has a Victorian style would be perfect. The gate that you need to put at the entrance has to match the fence or else it will look bad. You have to keep in mind that before installing the wrought iron fence, you have to obtain a permit from the zoning inspector which gives you the right to do that. If by any chance you happen to be a licensed contractor with a masonry certification, there may be no need for other permits. To be absolutely sure about this, you have to check the local laws.

Making the holes

In order to be able to dig the ground you’ll need heavy equipment. This may be formed of
gas powered augers, wrecking bars and even jack hammers. Taking into consideration the size of the iron panels, the holes will need to be placed at a certain distance. The zoning laws say that the posts have to be fixed with concrete or cinder blocks. After the holes are done and the panels are inserted, the posts will need to be anchored in concrete.

The posts

Concrete will need to be mixed with a plastic crate sheet. To be easier for you, it’s better
to make the necessary amount for a each hole at a time and this means about 80 pounds. When the concrete is ready, put it into the hole and the iron post inside. After that, you have to square it together with the fence line and trowel the concrete so that it makes a slope. The posts need at least 24 hours to be cured, after they have been inserted.

The panels

With the help of the attachments, the panels can be inserted on to the iron posts using the
instruction manual. In most cases, three brackets would need to be installed in order to attach the panels. They will come with the iron fencing kit and their attachment will be very easy. After all the panels have been inserted into the posts, you’ll need to look for weak points to prevent future unwanted surprises.

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