Picket fence installation

Picket fences are often used to enclose either a front or a back yard. Because of their qualities, easy installation and maintenance, picket fences are used for suburban and extra-urban fences.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • Wood pickets
  • Hammer
  • String or plum line
  • Wood posts
  • Posthole digger
  • Quickset Concrete
  • Level
  • Deck screws


Using a post hole digger you have to dig holes for each of the posts.

In order to know what depth the hole to have, you need to keep a fence post close so that you approximate correctly. When you’re done, put the posts in the holes and fill them with gravel.

Using the instructions given, pour in quickset cement and water. If you haven’t used before quickset cement it’s better to take a class at the improvement center. You will start to work at the next step only when the cement is fully dried.

Rails and panels

You have to make fence rails to put them on the top and bottom of the posts. Wood pickets will need to be secured with wood screws from the posts. When they are all secured, you will use galvanized nails and a hammer to fasten the best you can, the fence panels.

Fence post caps

First of all, you have to install the premade fence post caps which you have received next to the posts. These caps are used in order to get a finishing look for the panel fence. Some people may not want to use fence post caps and this way the alternative are sandpaper or sander which can be used to even the tops of the fence.

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