Picket fence lighting

When you need to choose an outdoor light for your picket fence you have to take into consideration the life of the bulb, style and color of the light including here your own preferences. Having a classic picket fence installed gives you a wider range of choices in terms of lights. A popular choice for many people is the outdoor rope light which has a lot of varieties to choose from and its installation can be done temporarily or permanently.

Types of outdoor lights

The ones that are most common are the accent lights. They have a small tube shape with a white light and the space is somewhere around ½ inch. The material used for their manufacture is PVC and you can buy them in strands of different lengths. The bulbs used for these lights can work for about 20,000 hours without any scorching or burning out. An alternative for this type of light is the one with LED bulbs. If you care about the nature, you will use these lights because they will help you save at least 20% of the consumed energy. LED lights are useless during the day because they can offer just enough brightness to be noticed after dark. People who use these kinds of lights are those who intend to reduce the light pollution as much as they can.

Color options for fence lights

In terms of colors, accent lights and LED lights can be found in more than one option. Even though they can purchase lights that are blinking or have steady burn, people love more the second ones because they don’t distract so much. They are also good for the entire year and the only for holiday seasons.

Available styles for the fence

When you are going to choose the light for the picket fence it’s better to think about its style. For example, in case of a picket fence where the pickets are not equally in terms of height, the best choice would be a rope light which can offer an intricate and dynamic appearance. Each picket fence has its own self-spaced design, where the width of each picket is more or less equal to the space between them. This is something that can’t be overlooked when you place your lights.

The upkeep

If your intention is to let the fence lights out throughout the year, it would be great for you to think a little bit if your fence picket is made of wood or vinyl. In case of wood picket fence, problems with paint will be present all the time and consequently you will have to repaint it quite often. This is why all the things you have to do in case of a wood picket fence when you need to repaint it may be too much.

Choosing some rope lights with clips can assure you of a better safety in case of bad weather but when it comes to removing them to repaint the fence, this can take you too much time. Because of all these reasons, the best alternative can be a picket fence made of vinyl.

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