Picket fence maintenance

A picket fence has the power to give an artistic enhancement to any property that has something like this installed. It’s better to know how to maintain the fence in proper conditions because this way you can save some money and time used for extensive repairs. Next, you will find some tips useful for the maintenance of the picket fence.

Necessary materials

  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Pressure washing solution
  • Hose
  • Hose sprayer
  • Sander
  • Wood trimmer


When you feel the need to repaint the fence, just do that by applying a new layer of paint in order to give back the vibrant color of the fence. Before you start painting, it’s very important to brush the entire fence with a paint brush. After you have done this, you just go and repaint it with the same color that you used before. It’s always better to think ahead and keep some extra paint and brushes so that you will have them when a new repainting is needed.

Checking for damages

When you verify the fence as a regular maintenance, the bottom areas need special attention. This part of the fence is more exposed to damages because it’s in contact with the ground. If you see any small sign of decay or damage, you have to take actions immediately.

The pressure washing

A good cleaning from time to time is good for the fence. The best method to do that is with a pressure wash. You may use some pressure washing solution with a cleaning agent in it, to pressure wash the entire fence using a hose together with a hose sprayer attachment. After this wash, the fence will glow again because any dirt or stain will be cleaned.

Wood picket fence

Even the fence pickets need to be checked for any wood blisters. If you observe any wood sticking out, you can get rid of it by trimming it with a wood trimmer. Also, a sander can be used to make the surface of the wood smoother.

Chemical sources

Because the picket fence is installed in the yard, it may be exposed to any pesticides used for treating the garden. This is a strong reason to keep a considerable distance between the fence and the rest of the yard, protecting it from the chemicals used.

Fence inspection

An inspection from time to time is welcomed because this way you can discover more quickly any areas that need some maintenance. Such a routine can help you keep the fence away from any damage.

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