Refinishing an old fence

When you install a new fence, you are very pleased about it because it’s beautiful and it gives a nice look to your garden, but when it gets older, things change. You don’t have to take this as a big problem because with some work and time invested, the fence can get its new appearance back.


  1. When you begin working at your fence, you have to know for sure that in the next days there will be no rain.
    This way your fence can dry thoroughly.
  2. Use a pressure washer to clean your fence. If needed, use some chemicals to get rid of mold and fungi. With the pressure washer you will remove the wood cells that make your fence look aged.
  3. If you find any fence posts that are broken or splintered, try to fix them with wood glue and corrosion resistant nails or screws. There is the possibility to replace some wood pieces but if you are not sure what material is that, take a sample to the wood supplier.
  4. When you start staining the fence, use some newspapers or plastic to put under the fence in order to protect the grass and the plants. Also, you may need to use some painter’s tape to protect the metal gate hardware.
  5. The stain has to be applied with a paint roller and a smaller brush for nooks and crannies. In order for the wood to be fully protected against sun and water damages, use a stain with sealant and UV inhibitors.
  6. Keep your fence in a good condition by cleaning and refinishing it regularly. All these will help you save money and make the fence look great.


  • The fence has to be completely dried before applying the stain. If you seal the wood in moisture, this will increase the process for aging and damages.
  • The stain has to be applied in the wood grain direction. Every little part of dust and debris has to get off from the wood to ensure a proper adhesion and absorption in the same time.
  • If you feel the need to use chemicals, follow the instructions given. Acid-based washes can be dangerous and it’s better to be handled by professionals.
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