Reinforcing wooden fence posts

A wooden fence can be helpful in marking the property lines or even for the pets’ safety. Because wooden posts will not last forever, they will need to be reinforced from time to time in order to keep them standing tall. All you need for this task are some basic tools.


  1. Use a post hole digger to dig around the post and try to remember how it was installed in the first place. As you know, some posts are just set into the ground but others may be supported by gravel or concrete.
  2. Look carefully at the current support. If you decide that is no longer effective just replace it. Use some gravel or concrete and fill the hole with it, after you inserted the post. Let the material you used to settle or dry for as much time as it needs.
  3. Some additional wooden pieces will be needed for support. If the supporting material used is gravel or dirt, just make some small holes next to the fence post. Take some sturdy pieces of wood and fit them into the ground on both sides of the post. In the end, just nail the wooden pieces to the post for support.


  • Different products can be used to reinforce wooden fences without replacing parts of them.
  • If posts are starting to collapse, this can be a clear sign of rot and may lead to the collapsing of the entire fence. In this case, you have to replace the rotting pieces immediately.
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