Remotes vs Keypads

With such an advanced technology, having an electric gate opener is not something that everybody can afford. There are a lot of electronic gate opener types but for those who love the environment these can be bought with solar power energy. Different technologies can be added to your security system like motion sensors, light sensors, infrared, bump sensors, remotes.

This entire article will offer information about two specific devices, a remote and a keypad.

The remote

Most people use electronic gate openers, being the most traditional and common of all. Given the improvements in technology, the remotes have become a lot better. One type that is very used these days is the push button remote controllers, that can be with only one button or two buttons. The ones with only a single button are the most common types of gate openers.

The radio frequency or Bluetooth

Remotes are manufactured to work on radio frequencies or on Bluetooth. Most of the remotes today work on Bluetooth, because the distance doesn’t need to be so big and the response is very quick.

The infrared

Infrared can be a better choice because it has low costs and it can last for quite a long time. The disadvantage of this system is that you always have to point the remote in straight line with the receiver because otherwise you won’t get any response.

The security

Because they work on strict algorithmic procedure for radio and Bluetooth frequencies, the remote transmitters should not have any kind of security problems. To be completely sure about your product, it’s always good to ask the seller.

The keypads

Another way to control your electric gate or even door if there is the case is with a keypad. An important factor to keep in mind when you want to buy a keypad for your gate opener is the type of motor the gate has.

The security

The security of the keypad is based on the digit password that it uses to open the gate. It’s better to change it from time to time for higher security but other than that there is no risk in what concerns the keypad. If you choose a sophisticated equipment with a high price then you have better chances to use a secure system.

There is no perfect technology on the market and this is why you should try to choose something that fits your own lifestyle. A perfect replacement for a key is the keypad.

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