Repairing picket fences

It doesn’t matter what type of wooden picket fence you have, there will be a moment when it will need some repair. Next, you will have some useful tips which will help you make minor repairs to your wooden picket fence.


An important rule is that you have to paint your fence once the spring is close, so that you protect it against weathering and damage.

Before you start the actual painting, first you need to strip all the peeling paint using a wire brush. After that, the pickets or posts that are attached from the fence railings need to be sanded.

When the fence is ready for painting, it’s better to use a latex primer and a latex paint. The role of the latex paint is that it helps the moisture to pass through, which will be helpful for the wood because this way it can maintain its nice look.

Changing the damaged pickets

All the loose pickets need to be removed using a claw hammer or a screwdriver, which can depend on how they were secured from the railings. For example, if you see that there were used manufactured pickets, you need to buy replacements from a home improvement store.

If by any chance the fence was built by hand, what you have to do is to take a good picket and trace it on a piece of plywood with ½ inch thickness. When you are done, put back the good picket and sand and paint the replacement. After all these, you need to attach the replacement in the place of the damaged picket.

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