Replacing fence posts

It would be a nonsense to replace an entire fence when all you need to do is to replace a few posts. It doesn’t matter what type of fence it is, wood or metal, the pole can be easily removed and replaced.


  1. If you have used wood for the fence, pry it from the post with a pry bar.
  2. If you have a metal fence, just cut the wires that are holding it from the post using a wire cutter or pliers.
  3. Try to dig around the post with a shovel and if you have set it into concrete, then just uncover the top of the concrete and make a hole around one side of the concrete.
  4. Try to lean the post onto the side that you have just dug out and slide it toward the ground.
  5. To be able to take out the post from the hole, you have to break the concrete using a sledge hammer.
  6. The sides of the hole that have been broken can be repacked with dirt or clay. Just be careful to pack them well.
  7. Buy a new bag of concrete and mix it in order to pour it into the hole. Using water and stir, you need to mix the concrete but don’t let it be smooth in the end. You can find the necessary indications on the concrete’s bag.
  8. Before you add the concrete, place first the post and then let the concrete to dry. You may have to keep the post in the necessary position in order to remain this way.
  9. Finally, just reattach the wood fence with a screwdriver or for a metal fence use pliers.
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