Setting fence posts

Among the many things you can do with fence posts, the obvious one is to surround your garden or yard with fencing sections between the posts. Also, if you have a house with a vegetables garden it’s better to fence it, so that all the vegetables and flowers will be safe from animals.
  1. First of all, you’ll need to find all the necessary materials.
    You can start with the bags of concrete and although there are 40, 60 and 80 pound bags, you just need the lighter one.
    Next, a post hole digger is required and to make your job easier you can use a motorized one taken from a rental company. If you use eight-foot posts, 2 of them will need to be put underground and the rest will be left outside so that you can install a privacy fence. Because these are standard measures in case of fence posts, you’ll have no problem with the building inspector.
    In order to be economical, some four by four posts is just the right number to get it right. You can use posts with any size, but the thicker and longer they are,the more expensive they will be.
  2. A two feet deep hole will be more than enough for an eight-feet long post. After you have put it in the ground, just fix it with rocks and bracing. Verify it one more time and if everything is in order and the post is leveled, fill the hole with dry concrete. When the hole is full, tamp the concrete and in the same time check if the post has remained in vertical position.
  3. If you have a problem with leveling the post, use some sticks for bracing which will be removed when the concrete is fully dried. When the concrete starts to harden, check the post for the last time because soon you won’t be able to. The braces have to stay there for a few days, until you see that the concrete is perfectly dried.

  • It doesn’t matter how many posts you are setting because the process is still the same and you have to repeat it for many times. After you have got the necessary tools, dig the holes, fix the posts and use the concrete.
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