Solar electric fence

An electric fence can be a better alternative for traditional fencing and is even safer for animals than a wire fence. If you don’t have an alternating current nearby, you can install a solar powered electric fence instead.


  1. The fence system should correspond to the type of animals you want to keep under control and if the fence is installed temporary or permanently.
  2. Search on the Internet and in the local hardware stores types of solar electric fences. When you have found one that you like, go and purchase a solar fence charger and the necessary accessories.
  3. You have to start with the end and corner posts and after you have set them, stretch a string between them in order to know where the line posts will be installed. When the line posts have been set up, just stretch the wire all around the perimeter. In the end, attach some insulators and tensioners.
  4. The solar electric fence charger has to be put at one end of the fence on a sturdy surface and toward the sunlight. After you have set it, make a ground bed near it and dig a trench to install the necessary ground rods. The negative lead has to be attached to the grounding rods and the positive one to a part of the fence.
  5. Before putting the charger to electrify the fence, you need to let it charge for at least 24 hours. The voltage has to be checked regularly using a electric fence tester.


  • Because dry soil is not such a good conductor of electricity, you may need to add extra ground rods but only in arid regions.
  • Weeds must be kept under control around the fence because it can lose its effectiveness .
  • After you have installed an electric fence, watch for a while the animals just in case they are startled by it.
  • When you work near the electric fence you need to wear rubber shoes and rubberized gloves at all times.
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