Stringing wire for electric fence

You can very easily install  an electric fence, without worrying about the price. Although ranches use such fences to contain animals, an electric fence can also be used to keep out unwanted guests from your own yard. You can use metal poles or wooden poles for the installation of the electric fence.


  1. Electric wire insulators are needed for every fence post. They should be put at a desired height on one of the bumps so that it won’t slide up or down on the wooden post. For attaching the insulators it’s better to choose nails.
  2. Wire insulators need to be installed on every corner post. This way the stress will be reduced at both ends of the wire and will not detach from the poles.
  3. Some strands of wire should be installed from the ground all the way to the top of the post to increase the security and containment of the animals.
  4. The electric wire needs to be wrapped from one corner insulator and then taken to the other post by unrolling it. For the unrolling you can use a stick which will help you to move faster. Do this for all the posts and insert the wire in the insulator’s space. Verify if the wire is tight and doesn’t sag or touch any other item than the plastic insulators.
  5. When you reach at the gate place, cut the wire using a fencing tool. The end of the wire needs to be wrapped from the end insulator just the way you did at the beginning.
  6. You can even attach two rolls of electric wire together by making splices. Each one will be then bend into a U-shape and inserted one into the other.


  • You need to have corner wire insulators to prevent the electrical wire from being pulled loose.
  • Using extended insulators can help you contain animals better. This way the animals won’t have the possibility to bend the fence with the heads or necks. Verify closely the stress of the fence to prevent it from bending, breaking and failing.
  • A 10-gauge electrical wire is the best option for the electrical fence because it creates an effective shock that will not get diminished over long distances too quickly. If the wire is thicker, it will last longer and resists better at bending and breaking.
  • You may want a weed burner for your fence which will help you get rid of the weeds that will grow through the fence line. This type of controller helps you save time for checking the fence lines for grounding point.
  • It’s important to wear work gloves to prevent cutting your hands.
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